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EasyPacks are a safer, easier way to take your daily medications. If you, your loved one or patient take several medications, vitamins or over-the-counter products daily, and it is hard to manage, we can help. Your medications come organized by date and time, securely sealed in individual easy-open packages. So when it’s time to take your next dose you just tear the package off the roll and your pills are there. All of the health, none of the hassle. Great for travelers too!

Med Synch

Let us help synchronize your refills so you can make fewer trips to the pharmacy each month. This convenient service saves you valuable time.

Medication Flavoring

We flavor liquid medications for children AND pets! Flavoring reduces medicine time stress and helps improve adherance. Healthy Kids = Happy Families! Ask if your prescription can be flavored.

UPS Shipping

Ship where you shop! Ship your UPS packages here, or drop off your pre-labeled packages for pick up. For your added convenience, currently the next closest UPS Service Provider is 10 miles away!

RX LOCAL Mobile App and Patient Portal

Virtual access to your pharmacy provides many features. You have online immediate access to your information, you may refill your prescriptions, transfer prescriptions to us from another pharmacy, create reminders, manage rx's for family members, and HIPPA-compliant 2-way messaging with the pharmacy staff.


We immunize adults and children on a walk-in basis, no appointment necessary and we bill your insurance.

Healthy Kids FREE Vitamin Program

Sign up for FREE vitamins. All kids 2-12 years old will receive a 30-day supply of chewable vitamins EACH month.

Order your YOUNIQUE makeup and skin care here. Proceeds will benefit the Adel Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center. The Younique Foundation works hard to help women find healing after surviving childhood sexual abuse. Younique's mission is to empower parents, caregivers, and community members to help end child sexual abuse.

If you have any questions or immediate concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.